07 Jan 2020

How do I connect the LT1001 to a Raspberry PI?

1. Plug the LT1001 to the Raspberry PI board, (make sure to first power on the device to allow initialization of the device prior to raspberry Connection.) It will show up as eth(x) 
ifconfig -a

2. Add the following lines in the file etc/network/interfaces Remember to replace (x) with your value. 
allow-hotplug eth(x) 
iface eth3 inet dhcp 
Then, reboot the device

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07 Jan 2020

How do I set APN For LT1000?

Note: You must do this from a Windows PC or Laptop using WINDOWS 7 or above. Ask your Verizon Rep for your APN and credentials

Download Required Software
1. Visit support
2. Select “Software” from the list.
3. Locate Windows Connection Manger Software under LT1000, and select the appropriate 32 or 64 bit operating system.
4. Download the file to your Windows PC.
5. Download Windows Device Drivers
6. Open and Install Windows Device Drivers by opening the zip file and clicking on the “Build4194_All_Embedded” Folder.
7. Open the “Installer” Folder
8. Click on the Executable File(.exe)

Install Skylight Connection Manager by clicking the .msi file previously downloaded.

Once you have installed these files,
1. Connect the LT1000 to the power supply, wait 10 seconds, then connect the USB to the Laptop
2. Drivers will automatically install.
3. When finished, Open the Skylight Connection Manager
4. Allow the device to connect to Carrier's Network.

Changing the APN

In order to Change the APN you must obtain this information from your Verizon Representative:
1. APN
2. Username
3. Password

Once you have obtained this information:
1. Click on the menu box on the Skylight Connection Manager
2. Select Connections
3. Select Profiles and Select a profile
4. Click on the APN box and enter APN
5. Click on Username and enter your assigned username
6. Click on Password and enter your assigned password
7. Click Apply
8. Click OK

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02 Jun 2020

What Applications Is Machine Connect Designed For?

  • Kiosk and Vending Machines
  • OEM Design Applications 
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Embedded Systems 
  • Smart Grid 
  • Connected Health 
  • Remote Video 
  • Remote Access 
  • Digital Signs
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02 Jun 2020

What Is The Difference Between Static And Dynamic IP Addresses (APNs)?


With dynamic IP addresses, incoming connections into the host system behind Machine Connect are blocked.


With static IP addresses, inbound connections into the host system behind Machine Connect are allowed. Any application that requires remote access to the host device needs to use Static IP addresses.


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02 Jun 2020

Does Machine Connect Support Verizon's Private Network?

Machine Connect devices are certified for Verizon Private Network connectivity

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