We needed to provide a family of high performance yet cost-effective edge appliances to our multi-location customers.We were able to collaborate with Connected IO, and leverage their expertise in designing and developing IoT products.

Kevin Watson


Machine Connect provides a reliable backup access method to our Point of Presence equipment. We love the simplicity of integration and ability to route antennas externally to achieve optimal 4G performance.

Robert Muller


Walker Engineering, with offices all over Texas, uses Connected IO modems with Meraki to connect all our construction job sites back to our network. For quick, short term deployments, nothing is as simple or reliable as LTE. It was quickly apparent that the Connected IO/Meraki combination was perfect for us and we count on their reliability and speed to keep our job sites online and productive.

Chris Zeppa


Working with Connected IO and their EconomizerPro system we were able to save approximately $15,000 per job. Additionally, it led to purchase orders for additional systems to be installed by end of year – a time when most chiller systems are turned off in Canada



Simply stated, Connected IO’s executives, engineers, sales and support staff understand the reseller channel. They help us with end user needs, share product information early and often, communicate as clearly as possible, and understand win-win relationships. Unlike companies solely concerned with moving product, Connected IO helps us with a comprehensive set of hardware, software, and services and give us what we need to keep our customers happy.