From ambulances to triage centers, and even in the home, digital tools are improving patient care by enabling less invasive and more frequent data collection and delivery. And in the age of Wi-Fi, these devices are easier than ever to deploy and read.

Connected IO improves Telehealth by providing secure, reliable cellular connections for these devices back to hospital resources. Now, heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters, and remote diagnostics applications can connect without wires, providing excellent healthcare outside of the hospital. For rural patients, cellular service may be their only high-speed connectivity option, and this is certainly true for ambulances and blood mobiles. Inside the hospital, Connected IO can provide access points with a cellular failover mechanism, assuring uptime for your Wi-Fi or Ethernet enabled EMR’s, monitors, kiosks, alarms, and other mission-critical digital devices.

As you build out your digital health capability, Connected IO can provide you secure, fast performance and flexible connectivity options.

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