From simple handheld credit card terminals to elaborate stations with touch displays, barcode scanners, and cash drawers, POS terminals are critical conducting business. Whether fixed or mobile, POS terminals must be secured to prevent fraud, privacy compromises, and other malicious activity that accompanies financial transactions, and that includes the connections a terminal must make to process a transaction.

Connected IO solutions insure safe and effortless transactions. By providing connectivity for one or many POS Terminals, Connected IO can assure that transactions are securely processed using Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, and then connect the terminal to the payment processing gateways and inventory databases no matter where they are, by utilizing the current network infrastructure or an alternate cellular network.

For organizations that already have POS connectivity solutions, Connected IO can provide an ideal failover mechanism. If the primary link ever fails, the loss of business, even for short periods of time, can amount to thousands or millions of dollars of lost business and customer frustration. Creating a failover link with Connected IO assures peace of mind and customer satisfaction, regardless of any issues with the primary network connection.

Connected IO Your solution for Point-of-Sale connectivity.

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