Cloud-IO Management Portal

At the core of the new services is a comprehensive device management capability, which allows customers the ability to configure, manage and deploy remote wireless routers/gateways, and modems that are connected to their ecosystem, from a single pane of glass. This service is included free of charge, to customers who purchase Connected IO products. Customers are able to connect other hardware to the Cloud-IO Management Portal, by licensing the Cloud-IO connector.

Edge-IO Services

The latest Connected IO routers/gateways allow customers the ability to develop and run custom Python applications/scripts on the remote devices, helping to reduce cellular data costs, by moving decision making logic closer to the data collection point. Our Cloud Connectors are an easy way for customers to access connect and analyze data collected on Connected IO routers/gateways. Our connectors are easily adapted to many third-party cloud solutions, like AWS, Azure, Bluemix, Google, Salesforce, Tableau and Cisco/Jasper.

“Edge computing and IoT are disrupting numerous technology ecosystems, Cloud, Networking, Industrial Controls and Telecom creating tremendous opportunities in what McKinsey and Company estimates to be over a trillion dollars of value for industrial companies”, said Yakov Temov, CEO, Connected IO. “Our Cloud-IO Management portal will reduce time to market, and significantly reduce overall costs”.

About Connected IO

Connected IO (CIO) is a leader in cloud connected wireless edge solutions for mobile, machine to machine, and IoT networks. CIO’s Cloud-IO management portal combined with Edge-IO tools provides the foundation to manage 4G and 5G services with secure, reliable control of your devices and applications. The CIO family of programmable modems and edge routers are innovative, secure, and affordable, making them the preferred choice of businesses around the globe. Connected IO is a Texas based company with offices in Silicon Valley and Australia.

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