Connected IO announced a major upgrade to its Cloud IO device management platform.

New features include:

  • Advanced Quality of Service support for Voice over IP service providers,
  • Improved wire-to-SIM and SIM-to-SIM fail-over,
  • Multi-tenancy support for resellers and Multiple Service Providers (MSPs),
  • Remote cellular connection and speed testing
  • Comprehensive set of North-bound APIs to allow integration of Connected IO’s management and monitoring software into third-party IOT systems
  • Improved Bridge Mode/IP passthrough management
  • Advanced support for IPsec VPNs for enhanced connection security
  • Integration with Jasper platform utilized by all major carriers in North America
  • Optional dual cellular radio support through Connected IO’s CM4NA modem


“We are experiencing an exponential demand for cloud managed cellular routers and modems due to a drastic shift to distributed offices and employees working from home. Connected IO ‘s newest cloud management platform greatly simplifies remote management, deployment and monitoring of edge devices while providing additional flexibility to support complex network topology and layer on additional security”, said Yakov Temov, CEO of Connected IO.


About Connected IO

Connected IO (CIO) is a leader in cloud connected wireless edge solutions for mobile, machine to machine, and IoT networks. CIO’s Cloud-IO management portal provides the foundation to manage 4G and 5G services with secure, reliable control of your devices and applications. The CIO family of programmable modems and edge routers are innovative, secure, and affordable, making them the preferred choice of businesses around the globe. Connected IO is a Texas based company with offices in Florida and Australia. Get Connected!

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