This section of the Company’s corporate governance document sets out the Company’s policy on workplace diversity. The Company recognizes the benefits arising from employee and the importance of benefiting from all available personnel. The Company will promote a diverse environment which is conducive to the appointment of well qualified personnel so there is appropriate diversity which will assist with maximizing the achievement of the goals of the Company.


The Board has a commitment to promoting a corporate culture that is supportive of diversity and encourages the transparency of Board processes, review and appointment of Directors.

The Board (or if requested by the Board, the Remuneration and Nominations Committee) are responsible for developing policies in relation to the achievement of measurable diversity objectives and the extent to which they will be linked to the Key Performance Indicators for the Board, CEO and senior executives.


The Company’s strategies may include:

  • Recruiting from a diverse range of candidates for all positions, including senior executive roles and Board positions;
  • Reviewing pre-existing succession plans to ensure that there is a focus on diversity;
  • Encourage female participation across a range of roles across the Company;
  • Review and report on the relative proportion of women and men in the workforce at all levels of the Company;
  • Articulate a corporate culture which supports workplace diversity and in particular, recognizes that employees at all levels of the Company may have domestic responsibilities;
  • Develop programs to encourage a broader pool of skilled and experienced senior management and Board candidates, including, workplace development programs, mentoring programs and targeted training and development;
  • Any other strategies that the Board or the Nomination Committee develops from time to time.

If requested by the Board, the Remuneration and Nominations Committee will report on the Company’s progress against the objectives and its strategies for achieving a diverse workplace. The report will also include the proportion of female employees in the Company at senior management level and at Board level for inclusion in the Annual Report each financial year.