07 Jan 2020

How do I get into the Router?

To get into a Connected IO Router, you need to do three things.

1. Prep your PC by configuring a physical Ethernet port to an address of 192.168.71.X, where X is any number from 2 to 254.

2.  Attach an Ethernet cable between the Router and your PC’s Ethernet port and power up the Router. (run: ping  command to make sure router replied)

3. Open a browser and type in the address bar. You should see the Login screen appear in your Browser. Type a default user name root and default password from the quickstart guide.

If you do not, Consult the User Guide for troubleshooting steps.

Click here to see a video:



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07 Jan 2020

How to upgrade the Router to new Firmware

1. Please select a device from the list you want to upgrade

2. Click on the Settings menu, and select upgrade:

3. Select version to upgrade to from the drop-down list:

4. Select  checkbox next to the device you want to start to upgrade

5. Select required conditions ( save the configuration or do factory restore etc) and start the upgrade.


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07 Jan 2020

How do I set an SSID?

From Cloud Portal:https://cloud.connectedio.com/

1. Go to the device configuration page, and open a WiFi tab:

2 Click Edit icon and edit SSID name, and click save icon:

3. Keep in mind update may require device module restart( may take a few seconds)


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07 Jan 2020

What are the default IP addresses of Connected IO routers?

The default IP of the ER1000 is the default IP of the ER2000 & CR48 series is 
The default username is "root" and the password is based on the model:

ER1000:  CioER1000!

ER2500:  CioER2500!

CR48NA: cio@123$

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07 Jan 2020

How to add a new device to the Cloud Portal

Unlike previous versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 8 imposes strict limitations on driver signing. Because of this, unsigned drivers require extra steps for installation.

What to do:

1.Open Device page

2. Click on Quick Action menu to add the device


Complete the required fields and click save.

You can check the video:




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01 Jun 2020

Default WiFi password

CR48 XX:

WiFi password for 2.4 Ghz module: “ciotech123!”

WiFi password for 5.0  Ghz module: “ciotech12345!”

Default WiFi SSIDs: CIO-M2M and CIO-M2M-5Ghz


ER2000 and ER2500:

  1. SSID: ConnectedIO_M2M
  2. Password: CIO-last_6_digits_of_LAN_MAC  (no colon)
For example,  device’s LAN MAC is 20:81:3D:10:01:02, then the password is CIO-100102


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02 Jun 2020

SIM fail-over configuration

1 To set SIM Fail-Over configuration you need to have installed 2 SIM cards and all cards need to be activated

2. Switch for default card will be enabled only if 2 cards active

3. Admin can use a 1-time update or daily

4. Need to refresh device to get latest settings activated


Please check the video :

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06 Jun 2020

How to manage device configuration (LTE, WiFi, QoS, LAN etc)

1. Open device management page:

2. Click on the Setting menu and select configure

3. Click on any Modules Tab you want to manage/change

4 Click save when you done with configurations

**** At some modules required device restart or router needs to be rebooted (it may take 30sec to 1 min)

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11 Jun 2020

Change APN

How to update APN information:


Update using an APN change module from Cloud Portal:

1. Go to device management page and select config option from Settings menu

When clicking on the LTE TAB you'' be able to change /add new APN


Add new APN info and click Save, Make sure new APN switched to active


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18 Feb 2022

AT&T 3G sunset, urgent upgrade notification

Due to AT&T’s 3G sunsetting network upgrades ER2000T-NA-CAT1, ER2500T-NA-CAT1, and CR48 routers running on AT&T’s network need to be upgraded to firmware version Failure to upgrade the devices may prevent them from connecting to AT&T’s network.

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