ConnectedIO Routers

ConnectedIO routers provide a 4G LTE WAN-side link and LAN-side connectivity via Ethernet and/or WiFi, allowing you to setup a LAN quickly, inexpensively, and without the constraint of a copper or fiber network connection to worry about. The ConnectedIO ER-series routers can be managed locally or through our cloud portal, making configuration and management a breeze, and creation and management at the edge of your network an effortless proposition. Robust, secure, and performant, ER-series routers are ideal for Branch office connectivity, POS terminal clusters, Digital Signage networks, IoT Edge Access Networks, and even highly secure ATM banks.

The ER2000 series are low-cost, high efficiency 4G LTE Multi-band routers with MIMO enabled WiFi, dual port Ethernet, 2G/3G fallback and premier cloud management system.


ER2000T-NA-CAT1 - for AT&T or T-Mobile*

ER2000T-VZ-CAT1 – for Verizon

* Full list includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Rogers, Telus and Bell Canada