ConnectedIO Modems

ConnectedIO Modems are a great way to connect a specific device to the LTE network. Ideal for M2M applications, such as kiosks, digital signage and failover, ConnectedIO Modems provide rugged reliability at an affordable price point.


The EM1000 and EM2000 series are high-speed multi-band modems in an innovative lightweight slimline enclosure. They offer LTE speeds to M2M devices such as vending machines, kiosks, and digital signage.


EM1000T-NA-CAT1 – for AT&T or T-Mobile*

EM1000T-NS-CAT1 – for Sprint

EM1000T-VZ-CAT1 – for Verizon

EM2000T-AP-CAT1 – for Asia Pacific markets

* Full list includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Rogers, Telus and Bell Canada