Our Modem works fine with Meraki version MX 14.53 Z1 / Z3

MX64 with firmware version 14.53 ( may take some longer  time to recognize a modem)

To run a connection with Meraki you have to use an additional PS(Power Supply) connected to the modem

(Because of Meraki does not provide enough voltage power from a USB port to activate a modem)

To get it to work make sure the Meraki version is supported.

Run connection with modem first (https://www.connectedio.com/support#how-do-i-configure-the-modem)

When connecting to Meraki

For more information please refer to Meraki documentation:



Few troubleshooting tips:

1.  Make sure SIM card activated & provisioned properly with M2M Plan

2. Please check a signal and data transfer on your PC/Laptop before connecting to Meraki

3. Use the power supply when connecting to Meraki USB

4.  Data cable may not be compatible with the Meraki device you tried to connect ( please replace "Y" or " V" cable  provided and use standard USB to MicroUSB cable and powercycle Meraki without powercycling modem! )

5. Make sure USB port on Meraki device fully functioned and recognized new connection ( Please connect to Meraki portal and check connection verification, sometimes USB may lose or malfunction and does not recognize connections)