Account Executive


Every second a company is not connected it is costing them money and exposure.  Connected IO helps companies stay connected using our LTE routers and modems.  We provide these services for a number of applications ranging from Oil and gas drilling stations, IoT devices, quick service restaurants, and small to mid-size offices.  We are seeing a new interest in our devices to help companies keep their team from working from home.   


Our ideal candidate will be an experienced salesperson who is comfortable generating sales lead with new clients and maintaining relationships with existing ones. This candidate will be able to understand a prospective client's needs and offer an ideal solution. The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills and have a positive track record of exceeding outlined goals. 



  • Identify and target sales lead
  • Build and maintain relationships with clients
  • Set and exceed sales quotas
  • Prospect clients and understand their needs
  • Budget and allocate resources efficiently to maximize outcomes



  • Bachelor's degree
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite and customer relationship management software
  • Demonstrated ability to set goals and achieve them
  • Strong communication skills and understanding of the sales process
  • Experience in managing a book of business

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