Founded  as an engineering contractor to Verizon Wireless, Connected IO designs and manufactures rugged, industrial Routers and Modems for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and IoT connectivity. Connected IO modems use LTE Advanced technologies to allow devices to connect using popular carrier networks such as AT&T, Rogers, Sprint, TMobile, US Cellular, Verizon and more. Connected IO Routers provide the same WAN connectivity, and add Ethernet, Wi-Fi and serial LAN interfaces to provide cost-efficient connectivity solutions for the 80% of the market that use these protocols.

Connected IO hardware is based upon a rugged, high-performance SOC architecture and is designed to provide many years of reliable service to commercial and industrial customers. The management interface is cloud based so any Connected IO router can be configured, monitored and managed individually or en-masse from a single browser 'pane-of-glass'.

Connected IO serves primarily vertical markets that have dispersed operations or companies that need a degree of product customization to suit specialized use cases. Their products are found in restaurants, kiosks, retail stores, service providers, commercial vehicles, and the like, and are used as either primary connectivity links or redundant failover links. To learn more about Connected IO, please visit our website at

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