Employment Terminals

Similar in concept to an ATM, the Jobview kiosk is an automated employment machine that allows users to view, print, email, text and apply to jobs—all at the touch of a finger. In order to provide secure, real-time interaction for kiosk users in high-traffic public locations, a self-contained solution is required.

The Challenge. 

Jobview stations are leased by Libraries, Correctional Facilities, Workforce Centers, Newspapers, and other public-service organizations. In high traffic locations a single Jobview station can support over 15,000 job searches per month This makes maintenance downtime difficult to manage and costly to business. To provide secure, real-time interaction with public kiosks, in an out of the way location, a self-contained solution is required that supports remote access for content management and needs only a power source.

The Solution. 

Connected IO’s Machine Connect modems were custom designed for light industrial applications and can be mounted on any surface, horizontal, or vertical, using only three mounting screws, for easy placement anywhere. A metal casing provides for efficient heat dissipation, while SMA connects enable antenna connections for maximum LTE performance and data throughput. Manage your system from anywhere with Connected IO’s cloud portal.